I had the perfect lesson. I would give a lecture on propaganda, bias, and symbolism. Students will then practice what they learned by playing a Kahoot game ( I had spent hours perfecting this Kahoot, and knew it would help my students). 

All of a sudden, my internet stopped working!

Internally I screamed and cried. 

After calling the tech help, I knew I had to figure something out. But what review games would I use without the internet? 

I realized, how dependent I had become on technology. Any time I needed to review after a big lesson or before a test, I would run straight to Kahoot (It is a very effective review game).

To make sure I had all of my basis covered, I have 3 review games I use just in case my internet goes down or an alien invasion,

1. Use PowerPoint Games

Powerpoint games can be a powerful review if you do not have access to an online review game. Powerpoint has become more powerful over the years, which allows creators to make games such as family feud. One of my favorite online games is the basic trivia game. 

It is a universal game, so most students know how to play. In my classroom I let each group answer, and if they get it wrong, each team gets to steal the point.

2. Student Made Quizzes

If you want to challenge your students, you can give them a student made a quiz to complete.

Students use their notes to create quiz questions to give to one of their peers. I love using this activity in the classroom because it requires students to think at a higher level. Students do not just answer questions but make their questions. 

The best part is you can do a swap and have the students take each other’s quizzes.

3. The Points Game

Let’s say, your internet does not work, and you do not have enough time to print out something or make questions for a trivia game, what do you do? 

Split your class into teams, ask questions, and give points. 

Your students will never know you are making up questions and buying time. 

I have done this several times and the students love it because of the competition. 

Now, because it is a competition, your students will expect some type of prize.

Prizes do not have to be candy or something that costs you money. You can print out these gift cards to give to the winners. I use these gift cards in my classroom, and my students choose the gift cards over candy!

If you are interested in any of the resources mentioned above, you can have access to them in the free resource library. If you are a member you can get access here. If you want to sign up you can click here

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