What are some easy doodles any teacher can do in the classroom?

We love making social studies creative and it can start with the little things. Adding doodles to your worksheets, planner, or as along with a comment on students’ work can make the difference.

Whether you are a great artist or just starting out, you can doodle. I know you doodle already in faculty meetings lol.

I have doodle on items all of my life. Yes, I was that student who doodled on test, my book bag, and my sneakers.

Who would of known this passion I had for drawing on things would led me to create resources and clip art of my very own (you can check out some examples here).

This has been a part of my personal growth journey, as over the years I became more comfortable with my creativity. Students used to ask me if I knew how to draw and I would deny my talent.

Now if I student ask, I draw them something right on my board!

ms. social studies teacher doodles
Some of my random drawings and doodles

Try these easy doodles any teacher can do at home or in your classroom.

Doodles drawn in the video are

⭐️ Globe

⭐️Flair Pen




⭐️Binder clips

⭐️Hang in there poster






⭐️History book

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Let me know what is your favorite doodle to draw down below!

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