Let’s change the world with social studies

Teaching social studies can be hard, and many social studies teachers make financial sacrifices to bring the best lessons to the classroom.

As a teacher, I understand the hardships of being in the classroom. From buying supplies to finding the best resources, it can be hard on our (thin) pockets.

Here at Ms. Social Studies Teacher, our mission is to ” bring creativity into social studies”.

Let’s do this by providing the creativity to a teacher in need.

Being a content creator has provided me with an opportunity to create resources that ANY student can complete; while making social studies fun, engaging, and the best subject.

Let’s make social studies a subjects students want to learn about through creative and engaging instruction.

While I may not know you, what I do know is you are passionate about social studies. You want to teach students the lessons of the past, so the mistakes are not repeated. You have what it takes to be the most impactful social studies teacher.

You got this!

You have the power to change lives through social studies.

Are you a social studies teacher in need?

ms. social studies teacher

2020 Recipient

Jana @chalkrevolution

Peace and love,


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