A creative way to teach greek mythology does not have to be hard. I have a simple way to review greek mythology and it is using one-pagers! Keep reading to find out about the greek mythology one pager activity.

I am a BIG fan of one-pagers and use them throughout the year in my classroom. I use one-pagers for the first week of school, to all of the heritage months.

What is a one pager?

A one-pager is a list of tasks students complete on one side of the paper. It is an easy assignment and one of the best summative assignments I use in my social studies classroom.

What I love most about one pagers is it gives you an insight into how your students process information. With one pagers, you can give the same topic to 30 students and have 30 different looking one pagers.

Without a doubt, this ancient Greece one-pager is by far one of my favorites. One of my first loves in school was learning about Greek mythology. I remember sitting in science class reading the big encyclopedia of greek myths ( yes, in science).

I addition to the one pager, this resource also includes an alternate activity.

Students choose a greek god or goddess and create their cell phones. Just imagine if Zeus had a cellphone, Hera would be snooping through it ( I know, I make good jokes)

greek mythology one pager
Poseidon’s “phone”

If you are interested in the greek mythology one-pager activity, you can purchase it below. Leave me a comment below of your favorite greek god or goddess.

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