Want to know how to make a pocket foldable for an interactive notebook?

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I love interactive notebooks. Over the years, I have taught many teachers how to use interactive notebooks in their classrooms. The one challenge from the teachers using interactive notebooks is how to get students to cut and glue the foldable.

I hear to tell you; it is effortless with a little bit of patience. I have been using interactive notebooks for six years and do not plan on changing.

I created this tutorial to help those who want to use interactive notebooks and foldable but are still unsure. Use this video as practice so you can explain to students how to make the foldable with ease.

If you want a pocket foldable to practice with, check out my march pack in my free resource library. You can download the pack and print out the primary vs. secondary pocket foldable.

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