Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15th-October 15th. You may have always wanted to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month,  but don’t have the time between teaching content. 

Why You Should Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

 One of the pillars of social studies is recognizing cultures. Studying cultures help students discover the underlying designs of our society.

The United States is extremely diverse. In order to celebrate diversity and respect differences, students should learn about the various cultures in the United States.

5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

1. Celebrate a Notable Figure Every Day

Each day you can acknowledge a notable Hispanic figure. You can simply show a picture or have information about the figure on a powerpoint. Talk to your students about the importance of this person. Picking figures who have overcome adversities are perfect for discussion starters.

2. Journal Entries

I am a big fan of journaling in the social studies classroom. Students practice writing and critical thinking on past and present events. In my middle school classroom, I have the students use the last section in the social studies notebook for their civics journal. I introduced the topic and then show a video for the students to react to. Look below for some journaling topics.

Why is it important to celebrate other culture in the United States?

Why do you think the United States is one of the most diverse nations in the world?

How can we overcome prejudices and stereotypes in the United States?

3. One-Pagers

One-pagers are one of my favorite activities to complete in class. Not only are they easy to assign, but it lets students be as creative as they want. You can conduct a one-pager in your classroom by giving students a list of instructions and a white sheet of copy paper. Students complete all of the steps on one side of the paper. Even though the instructions are the same for each student, no one-pager looks the same.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Daily Morning Work and One Pager Activity 2019

4.Collaborative Activities

Students working together to complete a task is one of the best ways to teach students real-world skills. I love this activity of students reading about Cesar Chavez and then creating a collaborative puzzle. 

 If you are Interested, Check Out Some Of my Hispanic Heritage Month Activities!

Hispanic Heritage Month: Daily Morning Work and One Pager Activity 2019
Hispanic Heritage Month Activity: Cesar Chavez

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