The secret of celebrating holidays in the classroom isn’t hard. And it doesn’t require a bunch of time to plan.

In today’s article, we’ll share the secrets of celebrating the holidays in the classroom (and why it is beneficial to the classroom community).

Ok, let’s start!

For the first few years of teaching, I taught in a K-8 school and was always jealous of the elementary teacher’s classroom. It was so cute how they celebrated different holidays. I would then sulk up to my drabby middle school classroom and contemplate teaching elementary. 

Ok, I am being dramatic, but I truly loved the vibes and I wanted to do this in my middle school classroom. 

I then began thinking of ways to include the holidays into my middle school social studies classroom. 

Now you’re probably thinking what’s the point of this? 

Celebrating holidays creates a classroom community. I could tell you from experience, classroom communities are a game-changer. Middle School students love a classroom where they feel welcomed and there is a sense of family. 

Once students have this feeling, their personal and educational guards come down, and they begin to trust you as a teacher. 

Since I have actively created a classroom community, I have students who come back to my class, not just to see me but to revisit the classroom. They see projects they completed last year and reminise. 

Keep reading for 3 simple ways to celebrate the holidays in your classroom. 

#1 Getting small decorations 

The first thing to do is go to the dollar tree and target’s dollar spot to get little cheap decorations!

My middle school students love the decorations, as it brings a sense of nostalgia for the good ole’ elementary school days. 

#2 Create a Bulletin Board

I love bulletin boards and they are a labor of love in my classroom. Now, I am going to share a secret. You do not have to make the bulletin board your self. Students love to create bulletin boards. In my class, I have a group of girls who are willing to create or select projects for my bulletin boards. 

#3 One Pager Projects 

I have to admit, this is my favorite way to celebrate. If you have not checked out my one-pagers, you can watch my tutorial here.  

I usually assign the projects as an at-home assignment and display the best ones in my classroom. 

If you are interested in some of my free one-pagers, you can join the free resource library. 

I hope you try some of the ideas presented in this article. Let me know below how you celebrate holidays in the classroom

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