Celebrate women’s history month easily in your social studies classroom.

Celebrating holidays is an essential part of my classroom. I try to celebrate each heritage month in my classroom through projects.

One of my favorite projects is the one pager. I usually assign this project at the beginning of the month and give the students two weeks to complete.

The reason I do not give an entire month, is because I want to have a good 3 weeks to display student work.

Students love to have their work acknowledge. Show them your appreciation by hanging up their projects.

women's history month
My one-pager of Flo-jo!

When assigning projects, I always give students options. Some students do not like one-pagers (which breaks my heart). That Is why I created a mini trip-fold board they can complete instead.

You can download the Rosie the Riveter coloring sheet to start Women’s history month in your classroom.

Interested in the entire resource? Use the link below to find out more information!

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