I love the idea of making cave art, but I have to admit, as a social studies teacher it seemed kind of pointless.

Students make cave art and than…

It is great for students to make art ( I am the biggest supporters), but if we can not connect it to standards or ELA standards, then we are simply just buying/wasting time in the classroom.

In this article, we will be combining the rigor needed for creative activities. 

Are you ready? 

Keep reading to find out out how I use cave art to teach about the pre-history.

What you need 

  • paper bags
  • charcoal or crayons 

How long will this take? 

  • 2 45 minute class periods 

Why you should do this activity? 

Making cave art is a lot of fun for students. You can take the activity to the next level by having students guess what each group cave art is about.


1. Split students into groups of 2-3 and give them a paper bag. 

2. Have the students cut the paper bag open to create a large surface 

3. Assign your students a description to base their artwork on. 

4. Students will use a pencil to outline their drawings and color them with charcoal. 

5. Once the cave art is complete, students will hang up their artwork around the room. Label each artwork with a number.

Day 2

1. When students walk in, give them an archeologist walk handout. 

2. Students will rotate around the room and guess what the cave art is depicting. 

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