Researching is my favorite activity to conduct in my social studies classroom and an important skill for our students.

I love to see students interact with the knowledge that they have learned.
While I may enjoy researching, some students struggle with this activity.

Researching skills in middle school is so important, but many students tune us out when we begin talking about important skills. Whether it is because they don’t care, or see the importance, many students suffer because they lack this skill.

That is why I created a workbook to help students to complete a research essay and it helps so much!

The workbook covers the researching process from picking a research topic to proofreading.

I love to start my students with a research essay, to get them into the habit of researching and writing.

Later on, I give my students more options to show their research, usually as an end of the year assignment.

One part of researching my students struggle with is plagiarism, also known as copying and pasting. Students have trouble distinguishing how to cite when writing a research essay.

You can help them by showing the how-to research video when assigning a research essay!

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