Ancient China

2-3 periods

Student led

Internet Req.


Usually, the final project for my units is a creative project that stays in the time of the civilizations.

This time, I decided to create a project that would incorporate real-world skills and ancient civilizations. Inspired by the usual brochure project, I wanted to create something similar but with a twist.

My thought process:

Recently, I have been learning about culturally responsive education. One of the biggest takeaways is making the subject relevant to students. Thinking about Ancient China, many of the students had no interest. I wanted to create a project that would have the students explore Ancient China and use real-world skills.

The combination I created is having students plan a trip to visit the ancient landmarks they learned about during the unit.

The Lesson:

Day 1:
1.Start the class by posing the question “What is an important place you have learned about in the Ancient China unit?”
2.Once students share out, launch the project by explaining to students that they will be visiting ancient landmarks in China by planning and budgeting an imaginary trip.
3.Read through the scenario. Many students may not know what a blog is, show students examples of blogs.
4.Show students their budget for their trip. In the google docs version, it is linked. For the print version, you can have the students choose a random budget out of an available object.
5.Show students how to find flights and hotels. Model this step as this will be the first time students are looking up this information.

Day 2
1.Start the class again by showing students how to research flight and hotel information.
2.Release students for independent work. By the end of the class, they should have the blog introduction, selected travel dates, flights, and hotels.

Day 3
1.Show students how to find information about each landmark, the price of admission, and transportation ( I use
2.Release students to independent work

Day 4-5
1.Set expectations for independent work
2.Students work independently on planning the trip.

Day 6 (optional)
1.Students can transfer the plans into writing a full blog post

Students can combine budgets and plan a group trip.
Give students a list of places to travel ( great wall of china, forbidden city, etc.

Have students plan for daily meals and/ or a trip to a neighboring country.
Have students add their blog posts to a class website.

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