Ancient Rome

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The one way to get students interested in ancient Rome is, to begin with, the story of Romulus and Remus!

My Thought Process: 

When creating the unit on ancient Rome, one of the first activities I saw was creating a storyboard on the events in the origin story. I knew this would take a long time, so I wanted to revamp this idea. Instead of the storyboard, I thought it would challenge the students to create a movie poster. 

The movie poster is different because the storyboard regurgitates images from the story. Students are taking the story and creating a synopsis for their favorite scene in the story. 

Lesson Plan:

  1. Review with students the story of Romulus and Remus (they should have read the story the day before).These are the two readings I recommend!

    Reading #1

    Reading #2

  2. Tell students: In Hollywood, producers use ancient stories to create movies, for example, Mulan and Moana. Today you will create a movie poster about the story of Romulus and Remus.
  3. Give students the planning worksheet. 
  4. Tell students: Create a title, synopsis, and image for your movie based on your favorite scene from the story. 
  5. Set a timer, and let students create


Take students step by step through the planning process. Read through the story one more time and have students circle or highlight a scene they would like to put on their movie poster. Then, have students create the title. Last, give examples of a synopsis and have students create their own. 


Students can research historians view on the origin of Rome and write a comparative short response.

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