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One-pagers are hands down one of my favorite projects to complete with my social studies classes! Not only is it a great review tool, but it is the best activity for differentiation! I knew I had to complete my Ancient Civilization one-pager series with Ancient Rome. 

What are one-pagers?

One-pagers are a summative assessment to use at the end of a unit. Students receive a list of tasks and must complete them on one side of a blank paper. Think of it as the students receiving a blank canvas to show what they know about the topic. 

The great thing about one-pagers is that each one-pager looks completely different. It’s like you are getting an inside look into how students process content. 


The Process:

In my experience, I have always assigned one-pagers as a take-home project. Completing the one-pager at home gives students enough time to complete the one-pager and use other art supplies that I do not have in the classroom.  You can watch the process below in my vlog!


  1. Some students may struggle with completing all of the tasks independently. You can assign them the “There’s an App for That” vocabulary activity where students create an app design based on vocabulary words. 
  2. Have students work in pairs to complete the task. For this, give a larger piece of paper.
  3. Students can include a printout of images to make a photo one-pager instead of all drawing and writing.


  1. Make this a competition! Give students a time limit to complete as many tasks as possible. The student with the most completed tasks can win a prize.

Have you used one-pagers in the classroom? If not, what’s stopping you? You can download this one-pager below or check out the complete bundle!

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