Engineering an Empire: How Rome Forged an Epic Empire

Ancient Rome 1-2 Period Independent Episode needed Sometimes, there is not enough time in your pacing calendar to cover all the topics, which is no exception for Rome. That is why I like to show documentaries in the classroom to cover much content and accommodate our visual learners. The only problem is that teachers do […]

Budgeting Trip to Ancient China Project

Ancient China 2-3 periods Student led Internet Req.   Usually, the final project for my units is a creative project that stays in the time of the civilizations. This time, I decided to create a project that would incorporate real-world skills and ancient civilizations. Inspired by the usual brochure project, I wanted to create something […]

Ancient Chinese Philosophies: Legalism

Facebook Youtube Instagram Pinterest Out of all the ancient Chinese philosophies, legalism is the most fun to teach. The best topics in social studies are the ones the create a guttural response from students, negative or positive. Legalism is the topic that will get the students thinking:  Why would anyone think this philosophy is good? […]

Create a Virtual Meet and Greet

Some of you may be conducting a virtual meet and greet. For me, I will miss the hustle and bustle of getting my classroom ready, hiding unfinished projects under my desk, and meeting my students for the first time. If you are meeting virtually, I have three tips to help the meeting go smoothly: 1. […]

How to use Hamilton in the classroom

Hamilton: An American Musical is a broadway play that has become a part of pop culture.  Hamilton is coming to Disney + in July, and our students may watch it over the summer. While Hamilton is a great way for students to become engaged in U.S. History, teachers can run into problems using the musical […]

How to Celebrate Juneteenth in your Classroom.

Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19th in the United States. Currently, Juneteenth is not considered a federal holiday, but that does not mean we can not recognize the holiday with our students.  What is Juneteenth? Juneteenth is a celebration of the liberation of enslaved people in Texas. This day is celebrated because the enslaved people […]

Celebrating Flag Day in the classroom

Celebrating Flag Day in Your Social Studies Classroom Flag day is upon us, and it is the best time to go over U.S. history with our students. Many students do not know the importance of the 13 stripes and have no clue our flag had 13 original stars. Now more than ever, it is essential […]

Dawn from Social Studies Success shares her ways to teach social studies creatively

Are you interested in selling your resources? Want to learn how to make social studies come alive? Dawn from Social Studies Success shares her tips and tricks of teaching social studies. You may be worried about bringing creativity in your classroom, but Dawn shares how to bring social studies to life with her teaching techniques. […]

Why #blacklivesmatters should matter to all social studies teachers

The recent events of George Floyd and the subsequent protest have been a crazy chain of events for some teachers. But for teachers of color, this is nothing new. These acts of racism is an ” I told you so” moment in history that many people of color have been waiting on. We have told […]