Engineering an Empire: How Rome Forged an Epic Empire

Ancient Rome 1-2 Period Independent Episode needed Sometimes, there is not enough time in your pacing calendar to cover all the topics, which is no exception for Rome. That is why I like to show documentaries in the classroom to cover much content and accommodate our visual learners. The only problem is that teachers do […]

Budgeting Trip to Ancient China Project

Ancient China 2-3 periods Student led Internet Req.   Usually, the final project for my units is a creative project that stays in the time of the civilizations. This time, I decided to create a project that would incorporate real-world skills and ancient civilizations. Inspired by the usual brochure project, I wanted to create something […]

Ancient Chinese Philosophies: Legalism

Facebook Youtube Instagram Pinterest Out of all the ancient Chinese philosophies, legalism is the most fun to teach. The best topics in social studies are the ones the create a guttural response from students, negative or positive. Legalism is the topic that will get the students thinking:  Why would anyone think this philosophy is good? […]

Make Cave Art into a Collaborative Activity

  I love the idea of making cave art, but I have to admit, as a social studies teacher it seemed kind of pointless. Students make cave art and than… It is great for students to make art ( I am the biggest supporters), but if we can not connect it to standards or ELA […]

How to Make a Neolithic Landscape + Creative Writing Activity

World history is my jam.  Since making world history resources, I have to say, there is a part of my social studies heart that is being filled.  That is why I am so excited about this activity.  Making landscapes are so easy to do in world history and a great way for students to connect […]