How to use Hamilton in the classroom

Hamilton: An American Musical is a broadway play that has become a part of pop culture.  Hamilton is coming to Disney + in July, and our students may watch it over the summer. While Hamilton is a great way for students to become engaged in U.S. History, teachers can run into problems using the musical […]

How to teach the American Revolution using skittles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not Christmas it is American Revolution time! This unit is by far is my favorite unit to teach as a civics teacher. Teaching the American Revolution is the only time I get to teach an entire unit of U.S. history.  My favorite activity to complete is […]

How to teach the Federalist and Anti-Federalist

In all of my years of teaching civics, teaching the federalist vs. anti-federalist is the one standard I struggled with.  In a way I was very passive towards this content, giving LOTS of notes to get through the lesson. I decided to implement my 3 step lesson to the federalist vs. anti-federalist, and I finally […]

How to Use Movies to Teach Students How to Solve Community Problems

Since I was in school, I always enjoyed the day when teachers rolled the TV cart into the classroom to play movies. I brought this love into my classroom. This excitement faded for a second when I realized I was teaching civics. How could I possibly incorporate movies with civics?  After much searching, I mean […]

Books civics teachers should read

Teaching civics is HARD!  Think about all the things you have to incorporate into 1 lesson, vocabulary, reading, writing, and analyzing documents.  That is why one of my favorite pass times is reading as a civics teacher. Reading books that are civics related gives me time for “self-care” and inspires me when creating and teaching lessons. Now I know, […]

How to Teach Civics in a Fun and Engaging Way

One of the questions I always get from fellow civics teachers is how do I make civics fun and engaging? Let’s face it, civics can be dry. Many of the topics are beyond our students or they are just not interested. I achieved making civics fun and engaging by doing the following steps: Step 1: Survey students […]

How to incorporate small group instruction in civics

When teaching civics, I love to incorporate small group instruction. Civics is one of the most difficult branches of social studies when you incorporate the difficulty level of text. Throw state testing for civics into the mix and civics becomes more difficult. I started using small group instruction after seeing an elementary teacher using this […]

The Best Movies to use in your Civics Classroom

I am going into my 6th year of teaching civics and I wish I would have incorporated movies earlier. Looking back, I think about the missed opportunities when I could have helped my students make a better connection with the content. Now that I have my years of experience underneath my belt, it is time to share my […]

Let’s change the world with social studies

Teaching social studies can be hard, and many social studies teachers make financial sacrifices to bring the best lessons to the classroom. As a teacher, I understand the hardships of being in the classroom. From buying supplies to finding the best resources, it can be hard on our (thin) pockets. Here at Ms. Social Studies […]

Teaching Globalization in Civics

teaching globalization

What is Globalization in civics? How do you get your students engaged in this subject? Keep reading to find out how I teach globalization in my civics classroom. Globalization requires taking a broad contextual and long-term view.Helen Fisher Teaching globalization in civics consists of 3 topics: International conflicts International organizations Foreign and domestic policy Over […]