How to Celebrate Juneteenth in your Classroom.

Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19th in the United States. Currently, Juneteenth is not considered a federal holiday, but that does not mean we can not recognize the holiday with our students.  What is Juneteenth? Juneteenth is a celebration of the liberation of enslaved people in Texas. This day is celebrated because the enslaved people […]

Celebrating Flag Day in the classroom

Celebrating Flag Day in Your Social Studies Classroom Flag day is upon us, and it is the best time to go over U.S. history with our students. Many students do not know the importance of the 13 stripes and have no clue our flag had 13 original stars. Now more than ever, it is essential […]

How to Celebrate Easter Virtually

Hello Friends! Easter is here, and you may want o celebrate this day in your classroom (or virtual classroom). A great way to recognize this holiday, especially during these times, is to do a simple activity like coloring! I mean, who does not like to sit down and color? One of my teacher friends, gave […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month

Celebrate women’s history month easily in your social studies classroom. Celebrating holidays is an essential part of my classroom. I try to celebrate each heritage month in my classroom through projects. One of my favorite projects is the one pager. I usually assign this project at the beginning of the month and give the students […]

3 Ways to Teach Thanksgiving in Your Social Studies Classroom

I don’t know about you but teaching about thanksgiving can be stressful. As a social studies teacher, I know I have the responsibility to teach Thanksgiving responsibly.  In this “new era” of teaching, the teaching community has become more socially aware of the westernized teaching curriculum. This is especially prevalent during culturally-sensitive holidays such as […]

4 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Your Social Studies Classroom

Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15th-October 15th. You may have always wanted to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month,  but don’t have the time between teaching content.  Why You Should Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?  One of the pillars of social studies is recognizing cultures. Studying cultures help students discover the underlying designs of our society. The […]

Celebrate the Holidays Easily in your Middle School Classroom

The secret of celebrating holidays in the classroom isn’t hard. And it doesn’t require a bunch of time to plan. In today’s article, we’ll share the secrets of celebrating the holidays in the classroom (and why it is beneficial to the classroom community). Ok, let’s start! For the first few years of teaching, I taught in […]