How to Celebrate Juneteenth in your Classroom.

Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19th in the United States. Currently, Juneteenth is not considered a federal holiday, but that does not mean we can not recognize the holiday with our students.  What is Juneteenth? Juneteenth is a celebration of the liberation of enslaved people in Texas. This day is celebrated because the enslaved people […]

Why #blacklivesmatters should matter to all social studies teachers

The recent events of George Floyd and the subsequent protest have been a crazy chain of events for some teachers. But for teachers of color, this is nothing new. These acts of racism is an ” I told you so” moment in history that many people of color have been waiting on. We have told […]

How to turn a paper worksheet digital

Since moving into my “digital classroom,” I have yearned for the feel of paper. I have also missed the ease of my ride or die worksheets. You know, the day when everything you have planned fails, and you quickly print out a worksheet. Now, all of the worksheets are of no use! Luckily, technology can […]

How to help Middle Schoolers develop researching skills

Hi! Researching is my favorite activity to conduct in my social studies classroom and an important skill for our students. I love to see students interact with the knowledge that they have learned.While I may enjoy researching, some students struggle with this activity. Researching skills in middle school is so important, but many students tune […]

A Letter to Social Studies Teachers about Distant Learning

To my dearest teacher friend,  I have wanted to write you this letter because I know what you are going through.  Distant learning has been thrust on you, and all of a sudden, you are a virtual teacher.  I wanted to let you know; it will be OK.  You are a fantastic teacher that has […]

How to Celebrate Easter Virtually

Hello Friends! Easter is here, and you may want o celebrate this day in your classroom (or virtual classroom). A great way to recognize this holiday, especially during these times, is to do a simple activity like coloring! I mean, who does not like to sit down and color? One of my teacher friends, gave […]

Stay Organized with Weekly Agendas During Distant Learning

I am scared of distant learning. I miss the classroom and had a routine of how I teach students.  Now that I am out of the classroom, and I felt lost at first. Over the past couple of days, I have been working tirelessly to create a system for distance learning. The first thing I […]

Let’s change the world with social studies

Teaching social studies can be hard, and many social studies teachers make financial sacrifices to bring the best lessons to the classroom. As a teacher, I understand the hardships of being in the classroom. From buying supplies to finding the best resources, it can be hard on our (thin) pockets. Here at Ms. Social Studies […]

March Teacher Bullet Journal Set Up

Hi! Can you believe it is march? 2020 is literally flying by! I wanted to create a spring flower spread for march to keep me motivated as march is the beginning of testing season for teachers. I wanted to create a spread that would keep me relaxed. ( if that is possible). Watch the video […]