Dawn from Social Studies Success shares her ways to teach social studies creatively

Are you interested in selling your resources? Want to learn how to make social studies come alive? Dawn from Social Studies Success shares her tips and tricks of teaching social studies. You may be worried about bringing creativity in your classroom, but Dawn shares how to bring social studies to life with her teaching techniques. […]

Why #blacklivesmatters should matter to all social studies teachers

The recent events of George Floyd and the subsequent protest have been a crazy chain of events for some teachers. But for teachers of color, this is nothing new. These acts of racism is an ” I told you so” moment in history that many people of color have been waiting on. We have told […]

This is going to get personal! 2019-2020 school year reflection

When I first started the school year, I had no idea it would end like this.  Where was I at the beginning of the school year? In a committed relationship  Ready to get my students to 100% passing on their state social studies exam  10 pounds lighter  Where am I today? Single  Ending the year […]

A Letter to Social Studies Teachers about Distant Learning

To my dearest teacher friend,  I have wanted to write you this letter because I know what you are going through.  Distant learning has been thrust on you, and all of a sudden, you are a virtual teacher.  I wanted to let you know; it will be OK.  You are a fantastic teacher that has […]

Stay Organized with Weekly Agendas During Distant Learning

I am scared of distant learning. I miss the classroom and had a routine of how I teach students.  Now that I am out of the classroom, and I felt lost at first. Over the past couple of days, I have been working tirelessly to create a system for distance learning. The first thing I […]

How Black Panther changed my view on teaching culture

There was a time when I thought the purpose of teaching was making it through the year. To cover all the content by June was an accomplishment.  Over the years this view has changed and I began to feel as if something was missing from my curriculum.  Than BAM! I saw the movie, Black Panther. […]

Let’s change the world with social studies

Teaching social studies can be hard, and many social studies teachers make financial sacrifices to bring the best lessons to the classroom. As a teacher, I understand the hardships of being in the classroom. From buying supplies to finding the best resources, it can be hard on our (thin) pockets. Here at Ms. Social Studies […]

Easy Doodles Any Teacher Can Do!

What are some easy doodles any teacher can do in the classroom? We love making social studies creative and it can start with the little things. Adding doodles to your worksheets, planner, or as along with a comment on students’ work can make the difference. Whether you are a great artist or just starting out, […]

March Teacher Bullet Journal Set Up

Hi! Can you believe it is march? 2020 is literally flying by! I wanted to create a spring flower spread for march to keep me motivated as march is the beginning of testing season for teachers. I wanted to create a spread that would keep me relaxed. ( if that is possible). Watch the video […]