How to turn a paper worksheet digital

Since moving into my “digital classroom,” I have yearned for the feel of paper. I have also missed the ease of my ride or die worksheets. You know, the day when everything you have planned fails, and you quickly print out a worksheet. Now, all of the worksheets are of no use! Luckily, technology can […]

How to help Middle Schoolers develop researching skills

Hi! Researching is my favorite activity to conduct in my social studies classroom and an important skill for our students. I love to see students interact with the knowledge that they have learned.While I may enjoy researching, some students struggle with this activity. Researching skills in middle school is so important, but many students tune […]

Stay Organized with Weekly Agendas During Distant Learning

I am scared of distant learning. I miss the classroom and had a routine of how I teach students.  Now that I am out of the classroom, and I felt lost at first. Over the past couple of days, I have been working tirelessly to create a system for distance learning. The first thing I […]

How Black Panther changed my view on teaching culture

There was a time when I thought the purpose of teaching was making it through the year. To cover all the content by June was an accomplishment.  Over the years this view has changed and I began to feel as if something was missing from my curriculum.  Than BAM! I saw the movie, Black Panther. […]

3 ways to use primary sources that don’t involve DBQ’s

Using primary sources can sometimes be a hassle for social studies teachers. There seems to be no way of making primary sources engaging for students. I use to use primary sources in one way, and that was through DBQ’s. It was not until I started building relationships with students when I realized how middle schoolers […]