Teaching Federalism

Stuck on how to teach federalism to middle schoolers? I love foldables, and I am always looking for ways to incorporate them into the classroom. When I teach federalism, I love to include foldables to make the lesson a little more engaging. In this tutorial, I show you the tips and tricks to using foldable […]

3 ways to use primary sources that don’t involve DBQ’s

Using primary sources can sometimes be a hassle for social studies teachers. There seems to be no way of making primary sources engaging for students. I use to use primary sources in one way, and that was through DBQ’s. It was not until I started building relationships with students when I realized how middle schoolers […]

How to teach the Federalist and Anti-Federalist

In all of my years of teaching civics, teaching the federalist vs. anti-federalist is the one standard I struggled with.  In a way I was very passive towards this content, giving LOTS of notes to get through the lesson. I decided to implement my 3 step lesson to the federalist vs. anti-federalist, and I finally […]

Making a pocket foldable for interactive notebooks

Want to know how to make a pocket foldable for an interactive notebook? If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I love interactive notebooks. Over the years, I have taught many teachers how to use interactive notebooks in their classrooms. The one challenge from the teachers using interactive notebooks is how to […]