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Civics workbook

When I began teaching civics, I always wanted engaging activities for my students. The resources I found where either too difficult for my students or required so many steps just to set up. That is why I created this workbook, to provide ease for teachers and engagement for students. 

If you are like me, you want resources that students will find engaging.Take your students on a journey to learn about American government and citizenship. Each chapter is filled with activities that give students a deeper understanding of civics

What's included?

This workbook is made for the wide spectrum of students! From creative to analytical, there is something for everyone.

Meet Alaina 

Ms. Social Studies Teacher

Alaina Moise has taught middle school social studies for years, before deciding to dedicate her time to making resources for social studies students.

She knows that social studies does not come easy to all students, and makes resources for all the types of students in the world. Experiencing the inequalities in education gives her a unique perspective on what students need and want in the classroom.

She lives in New York City, where she enjoys time reading, watching movies, and creating art.

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