Ms. Social Studies Teacher

“The beginning of human culture and society is the most important unit in world history. Why? This is the bases of culture and society that govern our world today.This gives students answers to their questions. How did humans end up in different places? How did their facial features develop? Why do we have so many different cultures?

Teaching this standard is way more than just reading a chapter in the textbook or making random cave art. This standard is about diving deep into the development of human culture and society. 

In this unit, you will discover engaging activities to use in your classroom to teach stone ages and cultures. Enjoy!”

Students will learn

  • About the earliest people.
  • How the earliest people make art , tools, hunt, and gather food.  
  • The geography of the world and how it shaped where and how people lived. 
  • The beginnings of human society and culture 

Classroom Activities

Collaborative Cave Art Activity 
Take cave art to the next level by using this collaborative activity
Neolithic Era Scene Creator
Challenge your students to write a story about two fictional humans from the era